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Critters Who Care: Reviews

Are you still shopping for the holidays? Are you struggling to find the perfect gift? If you're on the fence about picking up a copy of Critters Who Care, take a few minutes to read these in-depth reviews from Kelly, Natalie, & Brynna!

line drawing art of kelly trang, natalie tingle, and brynna deluzio with critters who care; 3 girls holding up a copy of a book called critters who care



After receiving ‘Critters who Care’ I dove straight into the book. Right from the start the first poems pulled me in. As soon as I read the first poem, I kept reading it over and over again analyzing it and how it fit in my life.

Reading the first poem, I was on a roll, poem after poem, I found myself halfway through the book and lost track of time. Critters who Care was finally a book I read that I couldn’t put down, and that hasn’t happened since I read A Series of Unfortunate Events. Poem after poem, it radiated care and promoted self growth. I couldn’t help but feel comfort throughout, assuring me that you are where you are, and that’s ok.

Picking up this book, I know that it will bring me a sense of comfort. I know it’s something I can go to when I’m feeling down, unmotivated, and mainly, unsure of where I am in life.

It’s difficult to explain, but reading the book helped me feel ok with where I am. As a Senior in college in my early 20’s, we’re thrown into this pit of what we call our future, and it’s hard to predict/know where I’ll be. But Critters who Care helped me feel ok with not knowing.



It seems to me like this pairing was meant to be because I’ve been on my own hunt for a comforting book in hard times and that’s exactly what Critters Who Care has become for me.

This book is a prime example of one that can be used throughout different situations in your life. When you are feeling discouraged and unmotivated about your dreams and future goals, Critters Who Care reminds you of what you are capable of when you can’t remember. This book provides comfort and a friend when you are feeling lonely and low. The poems have a way of speaking to you with purpose for every bump in your life.

Not only are the poems like an old friend, showing up when you need it the most. The drawings only add more of a smile to your face. The paintings are beautiful and bring the poems to life with so much color. It’s almost like reading one of the books you would read as a kid, but now our “picture” book is more relatable. Critters Who Care is a reminder to all readers that the people around you have to deal with the same struggles and battles that you do. Although we are all different and might not deal with the exact same things, we all have moments in our lives that we need comfort in.




When opening Critters Who Care, I was immediately taken back to my childhood. It is filled with short poems followed by storytelling pictures that take up the entire page. I can’t remember the last time I opened a book and had a piece of paper trigger so much emotion. That good nostalgic feeling that puts an unconscious smile on your face.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much Critters Who Care applies to all ranges of ages. After starting this book, it was hard for me to put it down because I wanted to finish it all right away. The poems are perfectly sized to keep you engaged. They also offer a cute different message in each poem. Personally, I have never encountered a reading experience like this one.

As an athlete in college, it can be easy for me to lose sight of my actual age. Sports require athletes to develop characteristics and skills that align with an adult life. Basically, I had to learn how to be an adult early on in life because of the demands of being a student-athlete. Critters Who Care helps bring out the child in me and reminds me of the pleasures I get to enjoy as a young college student. The book provides poems that adults can relate with, but also challenges me to remember to enjoy the childlike lie I only have for a number of years.

Are you someone that enjoys a quiet time, devotionals, meditations, etc? If you are, I highly recommend this book. Most people block off time to read or meditate in the morning to mentally prepare for the day. If you’re looking for a little extra joy to start your day, or even end your day this book is for you. Who doesn’t love a good smile to start the day! Adding this book to your daily morning routine could improve your overall mood for the day. I know it improved mine!



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