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Sneak Peak Of Our Next Book: What If

Updated: Nov 11, 2021


We are excited to share with you an exclusive sneak peak of our next book called "What If." What If is our work in progress (we aren't finished yet!) in which we hope to provide poems that invite you to think deeper and reflect on the society we live in. In order for the world to be a better, more kind place, we all need to open our eyes and be aware of the things happening around us.


"What If explores the unknowns in society and pushes you to think deeper and use your imagination." -Austin Nichols, Author of What If


"What if" will be released in December. Don't miss our release! Scroll down to the bottom of this page and join our newsletter! We will keep you updated!


here are 5 spooky pages you will find in "What If."

Black and white procreate doodle of blind bat using echo location with poem underneath saying "if you were blind, could you trust in what you feel? It is harder to convince when someone's feeling what is real"

Every poem starts with "if" and is accompanied by whimsical doodles by Victoria Leen.

Black and white procreate drawing of a zombie walking with a phone into a grave saying "RIP" in the night with the moon. Poem above saying "If zombies were a thing, they would probably have a phone, it would take up all their time so they'd never be alone"


Black and white procreate drawing of a guy in a cow costume in a kill pen of sad cows next to a meat factory polluting into the air. Under a barbed wire fence, there is a poem saying "If you saw how they lived, and you saw how they died, makes me wonder how you'd act if you had nowhere to hide"


Black and white procreate doodle of a couple of skeletons holding hands with black hearts in their chest with a poem underneath saying "If we had no skin, maybe then we'd be the same. No excuses left for judging, so our egos won't inflame"


Funny black and white procreate doodle of girl watching netflix on her TV, sitting on her couch under a blanket crying next to a ghost saying "boooo hooo" with a poem above saying "If you house was haunted, do you think that you'd be scared? What if they were real friendly, & their life with you they shared?"

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