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"CRITTERS WHO CARE IS A POETRY BOOK ABOUT LOVE AND GRATITUDE- I wrote this book because children are our future. The smarter and more prepared a child is for the world, the better that world will be one day."


The creators of Critters Who Care, author Austin Nichols, and Illustrator Victoria Leen, holding copies of the poetry book, posing together in a garden full of colorful flowers and plants



Critters Who Care is a collection of 81 poems alongside 27 watercolor paintings of animals. Our idea behind Critters Who Care was to create poems that bring adults and kids of all ages back to nature. For kids, this book is meant to teach you lessons about how to navigate kindly through life. For adults, they serve as reminders, speaking to the inner-child we all have within us. Through this poetry book, we hope to offer adults and children across many generations mental health and self-help advice through these gentle, innocent, and uplifting poems about nature. 

"This book has it all…beautifully written poems with a wonderful emphasis on feeling good and having positive thoughts! The poems are a breath of fresh air and is great for younger children as well as adults. Many of the poems have exquisite drawings that pair perfectly with what was written. I’d recommend this book hands down - I’ve already bought three more to give as gifts!"

- Diane C.

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