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Hi there! Our names are Victoria, Kelly, Brynna, & Natalie and we are all LEEDS Business Students at The University Of Colorado Boulder. 

Victoria Leen, Illustrator of Critters Who Care, Posing with the poetry book in a garden


On top of marketing duties, Victoria is the illustrator behind LIFE RHYMED and the poetry book, Critters Who Care. Learn more about Victoria HERE.

Natalie Tingle Posing with Poetry Book Critters Who Care


Hi my name is Natalie Tingle and I am a Marketing major in Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder. I have the privilege of working with Victoria Leen, the illustrator for Life Rhymed, in marketing her poems and paintings collection as well as the books to come. It seems to me like this pairing was meant to be because I’ve been on my own hunt for a comforting book in hard times and that’s exactly what Critters Who Care has become for me.

Kelly Trang posing with poetry book, critters who care


Hi everyone! My name is Kelly Trang and I’m currently a senior at the Leeds School of Business pursuing a degree in Marketing and Information Management. In my free time I enjoy playing volleyball, cooking for friends and family, and playing games!

Student athlete Brynna Deluzio, CU volleyball, posing with poetry book, Critters Who Care


Hey ya’ll! My name is Brynna DeLuzio and I am a student-athlete on the Volleyball team at the University of Colorado. I am also pursuing a degree in marketing at Leeds School of Business. In my free time I love getting outdoors whether that’s hiking or boating on the lake and indulging my sweet tooth every chance I can!

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